Who is Gerry

Gerry was born and raised in Ireland, has traveled to seventy countries and lived in five. He now resides in the US.

Gerry's experience

Gerry holds two Master's Degrees, has spoken in colleges, seminars, conferences and events and his Irish sense of humor communicates truths in a loving and humorous way that changes the lives of his audience.

Gerry's passion

Gerry believes you are unique. You are one of a kind and he desires to see you reach a greater degree of excellence in your life.

Gerry's books

Gerry's books cover everything from personal development to financial management and wealth development. His teachings will help you reach greater peak performance iand show you how to lead a happier and more fulfilled life every day.

Gerry's questions for you

Do you have goals and dreams for your life that have not been achieved yet? Why not start today to see those changes take place to help you reach more of them

Gerry's goal for you

You are the only person in the world who knows what you are thinking and feeling at any time. Today is the day to see more of your talent and gifts released so you can bless the rest of us.