Gerry Hartigan

Speaker, Author, Coach

Personal development and self-help expert.

You can change your life one day at a time

Change your perception, change your life

Your life can change in an instant. Watch this short video to help you understand your own personal development. Achieve a higher level of excellence through understanding how important your perception of your life determines your success.

About Gerry

Who is Gerry Hartigan?


Gerry Hartigan was born and raised in Ireland. Lived in London, Switzerland, Cyprus, and since 1995, the USA. He has traveled to eighty countries and loves meeting people and learning from them.

His Irish wit comes out in his presenations and his desire for all of us to reach more of our potential is evident in what he shares.

The author of several books, a gifted speaker and business coach.

Gerry will take your life and business to the next level through his personal development coaching, speaking, books and programs. Self-help does not mean you grow by yourself. Partner with Gerry and take your life to the next level of excellence.

It's your life so live it to the maximum

Success happens one step at a time


Gerry can't promise you wealth or fame or fantastic results. What he can promise you is that he can help you take your life or business a step closer to where you want to be.  Success is measured one step at a time. Take that next step today.

Don't let fear hold you back from success


Often our own inner fears stop us from progressing or taking the next step to success. You must believe that Yes You Can improve and become a better person or business. Gerry will help you. Check out his books and programs today.